Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The SPACE NOTES - puzzle from Music Craft Book A

This month’s activity comes from the E-book version of Music Craft Book A - currently under development.
It is a puzzle from Unit 5 - Sharps and Flats - and you won't need your coloured pencils this time.

It is a prototype and by the time the E-book edition is ready, we will be making more use of sounds and animations.

In the meantime, why not try the puzzle. It will work on your computer or your iPad. We would love your feedback.

You will find the puzzzle here.

We are also working on paperless and interactive versions of many of our publications which will include embedded music and videos and interactive worksheets and puzzles. These are intended to be used on iPads and similar devices, notebooks, Macs and PCs. We will be trialing one or two titles to start with ... and we'll see where that takes us

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