Monday, 9 March 2009

March 2009 Activity - Beautiful Soup

THIS MONTH'S FREE ACTIVITY comes our level 3 (middle primary) of our integrated Arts program: COOL CATS CROSS ARTS ADVENTURES
by Mark Leehy & Kevin O'Mara.

This song & activity is from the Nutrition unit of Cool Cats Cross Arts Adventures level 3

We have just re-released the student books for levels 2-4 on CDROM. The CDROMs contain lyrics and student activity pages for music, dance, drama, media and visual art.
They can be used for data projection, enlarging, printing and copying etc. and replace the student books that accompanied the program.

We are giving you part of the level 3 unit 'Nutrition'. We have CD tracks and PDFs for a great song, 'Beautiful Soup', a percussion arrangement, lyrics and movement and dance activities.

Another great activity to have fun with!

You will find the activity here