Monday, 28 January 2008

February 2008 Activity - In the Dreaming

The February activity comes from

Dance Room Level 1

beginning primary edition
the first book in our New Dance Program
by Barbara Snook

In the Dreaming

We have the warm-up and stretch from the first lesson of our New Dance Program, Dance Room.

Students create steady rhythmic actions to represent Dreamtime animals in a simple piece with a stunning music track.
It's a great introduction to the "Action" element of dance, the first of 5 dance elements: action, space, time, energy and form.

We are sure you will love doing this activity with your students - and its a great introduction to the new Music Program.

Full colour book and four audio CDs.
Here is your dance and movement course for the year ready made, planned and ready to go!

Download the activity

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Dance Room - New from Bushfire Press

Bushfire Press

Dance Room

beginning primary edition by Barbara Snook

We are proud to announce that Dance Room will be available in mid February.

Like Music Room, this fabulous dance program is instant, fun, inviting, inspiring ... and perfect for dance trained and non-trained teachers alike!

Why not order Dance Room now and swing straight into the new year with everything you need to present this exciting course.

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Dancing 'Round the World - New from Bushfire press

Dancing 'round the World from Bushfire Press

Bushfire Press

Dancing 'Round the World

by the legendary Christoph Maubach and Bill Vryens
Book and CD

Another new relaease from Bushfire Press.
10 easy folk dances from France, Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Russia, Israel collected and presented by the legendary Christoph Maubach and Bill Vryens.

Available in February - order Now!

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