Monday, 16 February 2009

Our Response to the Victorian Bushfire Tragedy

We would like to make a difference.
And we invite you to help us.

Donate your Bushfire Dollars to the Salvation Army Bushfires Appeal before 31st March and we will match your donation. That means 20% of your purchase price goes to the Salvos.

If your school has been directly affected by the fires, we may be able to help you with donations of resources.

More information here

Why do we call ourselves Bushfire Press?

Why do we call ourselves Bushfire Press?

Bushfire Press Arts Education Publishers Australia
It has been a sad beginning to the year for all Australians, particularly those living in Victoria. And a reminder of the natural dangers faced by all who live in beautiful, natural surroundings.

Bushfire Press was born in the late Eighties in the little village of Warrandyte, in Victoria's southeast - an area that has had its share of bushfires. Our logo is a red and a green leaf, shaped like musical notes. The red and green symbolised the green growth from the ashes of the red fire. Regrowth, regeneration, the overcoming of disasters and the strength of moving forward.

Initially, we were thinking about the struggles of small, independent businesses who battle sometimes seemingly insurmountable odds ... But I guess the logo really stands for the indomitable spirit of people. It is a spirit we cherish in this country - as shown by the generous support of Australians everywhere in this time of crisis.

We would like to make a difference - and we invite you to help us.
More in the next post.

Mark Leehy

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

February 2009 Activity - The Lollipop Lady

THIS MONTH'S FREE ACTIVITY comes our level 2 (lower primary) of our integrated Arts program: COOL CATS CROSS ARTS ADVENTURES
by Mark Leehy & Kevin O'Mara.


This song & activity is from the Our Local Community unit of Cool Cats Cross Arts Adventures level 2

We have just re-released the student books for levels 2-4 on CDROM. The CDROMs contain lyrics and student activity pages for music, dance, drama, media and visual art.
They can be used for data projection, enlarging, printing and copying etc. and replace the student books that accompanied the program.

To celebrate, we are giving you part of the level 2 unit 'Our Local Community'.
We have CD tracks and PDFs for a great song, 'The Lollipop Lady', a percussion arrangement and movement & dance activities.

We know your students will have loads of fun with these activities - enjoy!

You will find the activity here