Thursday, 11 February 2010

February activity from Music Room Book 6

Bushfire Press

(upper primary)

The first of the upper school levels is here! Exciting new features have been added, such as full-length (over 60 min) DVD of musicians from the different musical genres in the book, an exciting music quiz game for the class (MusikWizz) and extended background and links on our website.

The new Music Room has 7 modules, covering reggae, Celtic, Pacific Island, latin, blues, jazz, gospel and MusikWizz to finish the year!

Book 6 is bigger than Ben Hur!

This month’s activity is the from the reggae module, REGGAE RHYTHMS. It features the opening song, GET IT TOGETHER. The song was co-written with the wonderful Jamaican-born musician Paul Jamieson and has great reggae rhythms and vocal parts.

You get a PDF of the song, an MP3 of the audio track AND you get a movie of Paul demonstrating Reggae guitar techniques, wah-wah pedals and even singing the song for you.
You will find the activity by following the links from here


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