Wednesday, 9 September 2009

September 2009 Free Activity - Water Ballet

The September activity also comes from Dance Room Level 2 lower primary edition, the second book in our New Dance Program by Barbara Snook

Dance Room 2 has now been released and there is still a special offer going with discounts off our Music Room and Dance Room 1 titles.


This activity certainly does introduce a differnt Dynamic! Water Ballet!

There is a warmup and a stretching exercise that leads into a water ballet you can do with your class without getting wet. We even help you with some of the splashing sounds to get your class into the mood. This can be quite a calming exercise as the music - and the challenge to be aware of the whole group's movements - can bring about that quiet "Different Dynamic"

When you have done this exercise, send us a video - we'd love to publish it here so that everyone can see how well your class has performed their Water Ballet.

You will find the activity here.

Try it out, and then order a perousal copy of the book!

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